Coates Hire new Intranet project

Sharepoint Upgrade, data migration PLUS additional features

One of a number of projects the Digital Rehab team have worked on for Coates Hire was the re-design, development and data migration from an old SharePoint 2007 intranet to a new SharePoint 2010 environment.

Spanning some 10 months, Digital Rehab coordinated, worked up technical requirements, oversaw vendor procurement & engagement, governance & creation of a number of company policies and procedures for the proper management of the new corporate intranet.

Pioneered a hybrid governance model nominating key content owners from across the business to undertake content management while also instigating an Intranet Governance Working Group and Committee structure to oversee and provide strategic and budget guidance to the ongoing evolution of the intranet

Project Budget $400,000, delivered within 10 months.

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