Survival Guide for Organisations Pre and Post Transformation

New and emerging digital technologies combined with the increasing digital literacy of organisations are making for considerable opportunities. That said, businesses traditionally are not designed or able to often internally support the process of transformation. 

Technology led transformation projects need experienced change agents to navigate and challenge specialist thinking and behaviours.  Direction and oversight provided by an experienced and independent consultant & advisor can help ensure total objectivity, strong collaboration and integrity of purpose aligned to the project vision. Consultants autonomy to exercise a degree of professional scepticism is often critical to secure a better outcome and implement good governance.

Governance as the system of corporate processes, mechanisms, rights distribution and relationships through which businesses are controlled and directed is foundational to achieve and sustain the transactional and transformational performance of a business.

Transformational performance is not only defined by the costs and the quality of transformation. ‘Time to transform’ has now become a key metric of competitive importance. 

For this key reason, here are some important considerations businesses must take heed of pre and post transformation:

  1. move from risk to opportunity thinking
  2. provide space and time for innovation
  3. collaborate and celebrate divisity of thinking
  4. continually seek out greater balance in skills and competencies across teams
  5. learn, lead and don’t be afraid to learn by doing
  6. be intimate with the problem(s) you are trying to solve and understand all those impacted


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