Unlock the value of your company Intranet

This article looks to detail why intranet’s generally fail to receive the importance they should and possible approaches that can be taken to overcome these hurdles.

Intranet’s play a critical role in internal communications YET are rarely given the importance and proper planning required in order for them to be of most value.

The ingredients for successful deployment of an intranet, in my estimation include:

  • Get CEO or MD to be project sponsor – this provides weight to the project and will serve to break down the walls that will be otherwise be erected around those who are reluctant to change
  • Leave politics out of it – too often due to lack of ownership, Intranet projects become fiercely political
  • Broad consultation with end users – in order to deliver something that will be widely applauded and used by end users, you must bring a cross section of end users into the consultation process
  • Clear and detailed governance framework – there are a number of divergent views around governance but whatever your coulis, having a suitable governance structure in place is of fundamental importance
  • Create structured content – you need to clearly class your assets and arrange a hierarchy for content as this will inform permissions, management and ongoing periodic reviews
  • Have a migration plan – content is the single most important aspect of a successful intranet.
  • Allow sufficient time for change to be absorbed by the business – rolling out a new intranet can represent sizeable change for any organisation. Ensure sufficient time has been set aside for the consultation with key stakeholders and end users, migration of content, implementation and digestion of new governance framework and for training.
  • The worst thing you can do is rush the implementation and rollout as this will greatly degrade the value and will threaten take up and usage of the new intranet.
  • Create training packs to help transition users – ensure supporting documents be they job aids, ‘how to’ guides, workflow diagrams etc to provide an easy access point for end users to refer to prior to Digital Rehab’s team of consultants have delivered over 15 intranets most recently for Coates Hire in 2013.
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