Digital Rehab delivers Preceda Payroll in record time

In December 2016, Digital Rehab delivers Phase One of the regional payroll rollout project for Optiver APAC using Ascender Preceda (formerly NGA).

Digital Rehab rolls out Preceda in record time

Phase One of the project looked to gather internal business requirements across 4 offices across Asia Pacific then find a standalone system purposed to replace the aging legacy system presently used in the Sydney office to process payroll. 

One of the critical outputs from Phase One is selecting the right vendor / payroll system – ensuring the right solution is chosen that meets our current needs in the Sydney office, but that can also support and deliver on scope for Phases Two and Three.

In October we appointed Preceda and began the rollout in late October. 5 weeks after commencement, we successfully delivered Preceda into Optiver Sydney.

After reviewing FIVE (5) vendors, we have made the decision to proceed with Preceda (NGA) in the Sydney office.

Phases Two and Three will look to establish a regional payroll framework across Asia Pacific offices and integrate with Workday.

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