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For over 20 years, Digital Rehab has been at the forefront of the digital or ‘internet’ industry in Australia. Providing a number of services including digital marketing strategy, planning, talent sourcing, procurement advisory services, program & project management, IT advisory and business analysis; our consultants partner with clients to achieve short, medium and long term objectives. We consult clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane.



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A former Managing Director of a series of small/medium sized digital marketing agencies, Alisdair Blackman is the owner and principal consultant of Digital Rehab. He has presented at numerous events, a business owner of 4 businesses, investor in 5 businesses and brings practical advice to all clients with whom he works.

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With over 40 happy clients, here is what a few have to say about us:

  • "We were recommended Alisdair from one of our Board members in the rebuild of our website and platform. Alisdair has been fantastic with helping us through each stage of the process and working with the developers, designers and my team. Having someone like Alisdair on your side as you go through this process... is a hugely valuable asset."

    Steve Torso

    Managing Director, Wholesale Investor

  • "Alisdair started with Optiver originally tasked to help us gather and document our internal business requirements with the purpose of being to help us select a new HR Management System. We saw Alisdair's potential and skill in this area and asked him to stay on to help us conduct an in-depth assessment on the HR System landscape and then to assist in rolling out Workday across APAC. Optiver has also engaged him to rollout a new regional payroll solution and to help consult on the global website. Having now been with Optiver for 16mths, Alisdair is a pleasure to work with and a valued expert to help us in delivering these key projects."

    Irene Frisby

    Head of Talent Engagement & Experience APAC, Optiver

  • "Alisdair and the Digital Rehab team have been working with the Coates team for over 18 months and during this time have successfully delivered our new company intranet, first release of our Customer Portal mobile app, and the Fleet Portal which houses all our technical and safety documentation and information. The Digital Rehab team are been terrific in managing the entire process from scoping, stakeholder management, business case formation, solution definition and specification, vendor liaison, project management throughout the front end design, build and implementation, governance modelling and documentation, training of staff and release and deployment"

    Leigh Ainsworth

    CEO, Coates Hire

  • "Alisdair and his team are leaders in their field in all things internet productisation including design, business development, change management, process mapping and in particular commercialisation. Alisdair was introduced to me by Microsoft Australia. Great communication skills, articulate, logical, experienced and trustworthy."

    Prof John Boyages

    Director, Macquarie University Cancer Institute

  • "Alisdair Blackman is one of the best digital minds I know. He has been critical to the development and growth of our digital business. The fact that he is an entrepreneur makes him unique too as he is always looking to provide digital solutions and recommendations that will generate a return for the business. He is an expert in strategy development and execution across the entire digital landscape and his trusted council has been invaluable to our business."

    Marty Switzer

    COO, Switzer Financial Group

  • "Alisdair has a wealth of "been there, done that" practical experience which he shares easily with others."

    Paul Gladman

    CEO, CBHS Health Fund Limited

  • "Alisdair (Digital Rehab) undertook a comprehensive needs analysis of our requirements for an electronic medical record. He made an efficient but comprehensive assessment of our environment and needs and matched these with the functionality offered by a potential vendor. He then worked with that vendor to improve the user interface of their system so it better met our requirements. He undertook all of this in a professional, fast and efficient manner and I can highly recommend his services"

    Dr Howard Gurney

    Director of Medical Oncology & Clinical Trials, Westmead Public & Private Hospitals

  • "Alisdair and his team are dedicated and thorough Project Managers who, once they get their teeth into projects, they won't let go - and are persistent to the end so as to get the job done."

    Nigel Poore

    National Service, Plant Safety & Technical Manager, Coates Hire


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