Business Case or Tender Preparation Services

Before a project is even initiated, it needs first needs a business case to be formulated to compliment other business plans with necessary consultation with key stakeholders.  A Business Case is a document which aims to articulate business needs marrying up objectives and strategy with a tactical delivery plan. Such a document plays a crucial role in justifying capital expenditure and keeping all stakeholders aligned.

Business Case documents need careful business case development. Commonly, a business case should reference a business plan so as to ensure strategic objectives are met.

What’s in a Business Case

When Writing a Business Case, you should ensure your business case document contains the following:

  • The Need
  • Business Drivers
  • Competitive landscape / Market Assessment
  • Scope
  • Assumptions
  • Costs
  • Benefits
  • Risk
  • Strategic Delivery Options (Insource/outsource, Procurement method etc)
  • Opportunity Costs
  • Impact & Resourcing
  • Team & Authority Matrix
  • Delivery Methods & Training
  • Support Recommendations

From Digital Rehab’s experience, most successful business case documents are authored by consultants or experts outside the business.  Digital Rehab are experts at business case writing and formulation.  A thorough and detailed business case can often pave the way to a quick delivery of other important formative project documentation.

Need help writing a business case?  Call Digital Rehab’s experts to help.

Once business case development has concluded and been agreed to by the Board/Executive it is then important to properly assess the most appropriate and best qualified vendors.

Tender documentation

Tender document(s) are needed to provide more detail and specificity around scope and business requirements.  Tender preparation (scoping and documentation) can often take considerable time to properly develop as considerable business and IT input are required to best represent the scope. Digital Rehab usually recommends developing a tender preparation plan so that all stakeholders know what shall be involved and what input will be sought from them.

Once the tender documentation has been drafted and is subject to final peer review, then you need to approach the right vendors.

If you are needing assistance with either a business case or tender document from which to go to market with, how about you contact Digital Rehab

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