Project Implementation and Delivery Process

Once your project has been adequately defined, scoped, documented, designed, built and tested, the final phase is the implementation and rollout.

4 Tips on Planning for Implementation & Delivery of your Project

  • Ensure you COMMUNICATE as broadly as possible across the business about the impending launch/release/change – this should be covered off in your project plan / project implementation strategy
  • Recommend a support model for how post launch/release support, user questions/feedback will be managed and used to inform further later enhancements and improvements. NB: Support is one consideration in a broader piece around ‘governance’ which is often left to the last minute
  • Provide sufficient training is provided in advance to intended users – be they other colleagues, customers or partners
  • Close out and ensure all project documentation is up-to-date so that all decisions prior to launch are well understood by the Project Steering Committee and or Working Groups

Digital Rehab consultants work closely with any business particularly during scoping and definition phases and gearing up for implementation and rollout of a project. These two periods represent the busiest times of a project and the most critical to do well. Sufficient contingency should be factored into the project schedule around project implementation.

A project implementation strategy is an important bi-product of good project management documentation. A Project implementation plan should include a timeline & deployment schedule.

Thorough testing is an important consideration in planning for implementation and in managing the process of change to an organisation.

To consult a guide we have developed with pre-launch preparation for releasing/launching a new company website – see Article titled “Eleventh Hour Checklist to help a PM sleep well the night before launching a new website

If you need help with training, project implementation prep and release documentation, call on Digital Rehab as our team of experts are well trained to manage this process of organisation change

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