Online Acquisition Marketing & Strategy

Acquisition marketing is a critical force driving media spend and online marketing strategies and promotional activities by business. Acquisition campaigns need to be incorporated into both marketing plans and marketing strategy.

With an ever changing digital landscape with new technologies, user trends and behaviour, marketers need to continually test, measure and optimise their acquisition centric campaigns. Demand for continual process of improvement usually is informed from an internet marketing strategy.

Below is a diagram that show the process and approach Digital Rehab’s SEO experts use to achieving the best results from marketing activities.

SEO explanation diagram

For acquisition activities to be successful, online marketing strategies need to be devised. Marketing plans are purposed to map out a structure of tactical activities but need to harness business marketing ideas.

Social commerce, content and new media are changing the ways and means that marketers reach and engage new customers and increase conversions.

User experience optimisation plays an ever important role in funneling users to the information they are most likely seeking. Conversion rates are higher once user experience considerations have been factored into marketing campaigns and planning.

Retargeting is a proven method used to increase conversion rates.

Given the prevalence of mobile connectivity, many marketers are having to reassess their acquisition model to factor in mobile for lead generation, campaign performance and ultimately conversion.

Like with the rise and importance of mobile, so too social represents a new frontier for marketers. Most are still are trying to understand how they can leverage their customers’ social circles and influence what they buy, what they do and where they go.

Further change will have major implications on the acquisition tactics that marketers will use in the future.

Acquisition marketing is undergoing significant change and with change challenges, but acquisition activities are only ever going to be as effective as the strategies or systems that marketers have available and use.

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