Talent & Vendor Procurement

Finding the right people to resource up (insource or outsource) is often very difficult. Vendor Procurement comes down to WHO you know and trust. Then ofcourse there is vendor management which can often be an ongoing need.

Talent Scouting & Acquisition

For most Executives and Managers in business, there is a tendency to focus on strengths.  Knowing who best to hire and on what basis, with what KPIs, scope etc can be challenging. Some turn to talent scouts and recruitment agencies to find talent – and while this may work some times, from our experience using Digital Rehab’s network almost always beats hands down – we find talent that is HOT and not yet actively looking.

Digital Rehab understands the importance of getting the right team, skill sets and cultural fit be it for engaging a consultant, contractor or third party vendor to deliver to a scope of work.

Maintaining an active network of experts across creative, user experience, solution architects, technical, app developers, online marketers, campaign managers, SEO & social media is what we do.

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Vendor Procurement

Digital Rehab maintains close relations with a range of leading and innovative vendors.

Our partners at the vendor level include high end enterprise technical companies, creative  and niche digital marketing agencies.

If you are looking for suppliers across any of the following services, Digital Rehab has a network of vendors from which you can choose:

  • Design (brand, digital or print)
  • Solution Architecture
  • User Experience optimisation
  • Content (copywriters, syndication partners etc)
  • Media Buyers & Planners
  • Search marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Mobile application development
  • Web developers
  • Hosting
  • Security

If you require assistance restructuring your team, Digital Rehab can help.  We have had experience restructuring large and medium sized teams and replenishing teams with more suitable, experienced and resourceful personnel or vendors. Let us manage your procurement stresses and concerns as a ‘one step removed’ trusted partner.

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