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Offering a large range of  in demand services, we aim to partner with clients from project instigation through to delivery; business planning & strategy; start-ups; and, those in need of digital marketing know-how.  We look to work closely with an Executive and or Board to deliver tactical results in line with a strategy in a timely and cost effective manner



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Our objective is to enact change as rapidly or slowly as you see fit.

We are scalable to meet your requirements be it big or small, personable, hard working, good communicators and outside the square thinkers.

We offer fresh new approach, insights, method and processes to deliver upon your needs.

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Alisdair Owner and Principal Consultant
Caralyne Technical Project Manager
Natasha Project Manager & Talent Scout
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We are judged on a number of things not least of which is how good our thinking is. See below our latest articles

11th September 2018 Artificial Intelligence impact for online business
AI in ecommerce is already enhancing the entire buy-sell experience for both buyers and sellers. Integrating AI into your business will become a prerequisite for optimal performance
19th June 2018 Need for action-oriented decision-making and agility
Every company and project is different but if more than a handful of key people are involved in the main review process, ask why
26th February 2018 Project, Change & Transformation: Stress & Fatigue Management
Peak performance culture demands that stress & fatigue are carefully managed so as to mitigate burnout and cognitive impairment. Alisdair Blackman shares some tips and practical advice to ensure a healthier, happier you and to keep you at your best