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To deliver any new capability and manage the process of change, much hinges on project management. This is even more the case if your project is technically complex or requires broad stakeholder engagement & management.

Project managers help define requirements, work to scope out and design a solution, work closely with vendors to develop, test and manage change process & comms not to mention navigate stakeholders through project risks, and keep close watch over budgets and timeframes.

“Good project management is an fine balance between communication, expectation management, vendor procurement, scope maintenance & thorough planning and documentation.”

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Digital Rehab provides project managers to oversee, coordinate and deliver projects with budgets ranging from $100,000 to >$3m all across Australia.

Superior IT & Business Project Management

Digital Rehab prides itself on offering superior IT and Business Project management services.

Our team of resourceful, experienced and proactive project managers plan, organise, motivate, coordinate resources and thoroughly document aspects of a project to achieve specific business or IT objectives.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project objectives while operating within the constraints and limitations offered up by any business. The usual constraints are scope, timings, quality, training / change management and budget.

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Business Project Management

A huge trend that is emerging is the need for Business Project Management – representing business objectives, interests, strategic goals.  This differs from IT Project Management which is far more technically lead/driven. Business Project Management focuses on scoping, defining, documenting Business Case, Business Plan & Marketing Strategies which underpin projects to complement business goals.

While Digital Rehab prides itself on being technical experts in marketing and project delivery, we also specialise in pre-project definition, scoping and business project management.

Workday, PageUp, Preceda, Dynamics, Salesforce, Pardot…the list goes on 

Our project managers are accredited and trained across a range of popular platforms. With this background training and proficiencies across popular HR, Talent & Recruitment, Payroll, CRM and automated marketing we can not only help with implementation but also in change management. 

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