Project Management Documentation & Solution Definition Services

For a project to be anchored and for all stakeholders to be to engaged with, project management documentation plays a vital role in project planning and eventually delivery.

Digital Rehab provides project management services – a early portion of which is formative project documentation (which includes project initiation document).

Project management documentation, Initiation document must also detail Document management – how these documents will be used, updated, and made available.

The purpose of documentation is to provide a reference point for project managers, vendors and the Executive to draw upon when looking to determine project risk points.

Solution Definition & Design

There are a number of core project definition and planning documents which any good project manager should look to establish in the first few weeks (for a smaller project), months (if it be a larger project). It is Digital Rehab’s methodology to produce such documents seeking broad consensus from key stakeholders in doing so.

Solution Definition & Design Documents can take many forms, here is just a few that Digital Rehab consultants use;

  • Business Requirements
  • Solution Design
  • Functional Requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Delivery Action Plan

If you need help with defining your project and in solution design, why not get Digital Rehab’s team to help.

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