Sales Process Optimisation Services

Digital Rehab has worked with many Sales departments and functions in the past to bring about a change in process so as to optimise sales often from a  marketing plan.

The Digital Rehab consulting team partners with Sales teams to help strategise, plan and operationalise new processes and systems. More often than not, this usually sees sales and marketing process and functions working closer together to increase revenues. By optimising the way in which these two functions inter-operate, a business can increase revenues, efficiency and budget spend.

We strive to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness by enhance your lead management process and ensure you have visible reporting. Coupled with our scalable resources, you can then plan your sales programs with confidence, apply resources accordingly, cover short-term staff losses or changes and drive your sales at your own pace. This is key to the sales management process.

Once sales has made fundamental process change, then marketing needs to respond to increase conversion rates through conversion optimisation. Conversion rate optimisation is an important component that will drive increase performance and internal stickiness of process change.

Learn how to increase conversation rates with Digital Rehab’s tips on increasing yields from your marketing activities.

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