Choosing a Project Management partner

It has become common practice for companies to engage external agencies and/or outsource all aspects of digital project work. Many clients who come to Digital Rehab are unsure of their technology options, how to get what they need or even where to start when it comes to digital projects.

As a result, there has been an increased demand for Project Managers (PMs) who can run the project on the client’s behalf and essentially become the ‘conduit’ between the client and the potential developers/designers. The PM plays a critical role in the success of digital project delivery and dependent on requirements, can work on the client side or development side to deliver best results.

So, when and who do you engage for this critical role?

It is important that you choose your PM and involve them in discussions as early as you can.

Before any technical decisions are made, include your PM so they can start planning the foundation for a successful digital delivery. This approach will give you an opportunity to determine if the PM is right for the job well before any commitment to development costs, for example. Also, it’s an expensive process from a cost and time point of view, to replace a PM mid project, so take the time to engage the PM early on.

The next step you (or your PM) need to take is to involve technically minded people in further planning discussions to ensure your digital project is viable and to begin discussions on the options and appropriate techniques for delivery of your requirements. The client, or more importantly, decision makers, should be involved in these initial discussions as well.

Digital Rehab consultants are strides ahead of the game when it comes to project initiation and planning. Engaging one of our consultants not only gives you a fountain of project management knowledge, but opens the channels to a network of experienced and trustworthy development and design resources.

You can save valuable time and money by having the correct people “in the room” at the very beginning – this is an important step to help save your project from potential cancellation before even seeing the light of day. The role of the PM in the initial stages of the project is a crucial one, so if the correct one is engaged upfront; your project has a much stronger chance of success.

Digital Rehab consultants are seasoned digital project managers who know the questions to ask and how to get the best out of project initiation meetings. Our business model is to ‘partner’ with our clients and this approach ensures projects are well scoped and executed through to delivery and beyond.

A standout offering that Digital Rehab brings to the table is our ability to analyse, scope and cost your project and then with your approval, execute and deliver a fully tested digital solution on time and budget.

We are end-to-end digital project managers. We have the experience and know how when it comes to business analysis, coupled with our proven track record of digital delivery, which makes one of our consultants invaluable to have “in the room”.

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