Content is King in the eyes of Google

There are quite a few studies showing that companies publishing more articles/posts and more content generally does generating more conversions/enquiries than those that don’t.

Quality Content is key to SEO and retention of site traffic

Needing to grow qualified search traffic?

If you are a business with a website, you need content in order to drive traffic to your website.

Content Marketing usually would see the creation of thought provoking content for a particular audience designed to influence an action or outcome. In contrast, SEO looks to keyword popularity and uses this to inform content creation. The difference is that content marketing focuses more on understanding the customer buying journey and gears all content to optimise experiences to illicit more sales conversions.

Content marketing and SEO should be viewed together as together they can greatly increase traffic and visibility.

For many companies, this means you may have to restructure your organisation so that content marketing and SEO are overseen, coordinated and marketed from the one area.

Why invest in creation of Content for SEO infographic

Content is King and Importance of SEO Infographic

Are you interested in How to measure success of your content

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