Critical skills for a digital project manager

Now more than ever, there is enormous demand for good digital project managers. So, what makes a good digital project manager & what core skills should you look out for? Digital Rehab provides some insights…

All Projects share a set of common traits which include, they all have a:

  1. Scope
  2. Budget
  3. Timeframe

What is NOT common however is the dynamic environment surrounding a project and it is principally for this that there is need for a project to be carefully managed. Irrespective of whether your project is a website, mobile app, ecommerce/transactional, CRM etc there is need for coordination, documentation, business consultation, change management and risk mitigation. For these to be adequately covered off, we need to peel back the exact SKILLS needed in a good digital project manager. So, let’s begin.

Digital Project Management MUST Haves

  • Good Listener – project particulars are almost always informed from a business need. To do the job well, there is a requirement for the PM to be across this need. Listen and learn from stakeholders what they want. Then, continually assess the understood need against all aspects of the project
  • Tenacity – this quality is mandatory as it speaks to the competency of the individual to have sufficient know-with-all to successfully deliver a project and the manner in which they are able to introduce change into any business
  • Resourcefulness – there is need for a PM to be resourceful and have contacts, colleagues, experts which they can draw upon in a timely manner to help the steerage of their project
  • Exemplary Oral & Written Communicator – so much of the success of a project pivots on the need to keep the entire business (where relevant) up-to-date with project goings on in particular the Steering Committee and Working Groups
  • Methodical – the process and approach taken to the delivery of a set project scope is important so as to ensure that even while the project may bend and flex, control is maintained and momentum is kept up at all times
  • Custodianship – on occasion, projects can go ‘tits-up’ and it is the job of the PM to navigate through the turbulence and provide clear, objective and proactive advice and direction. The PM is paid to deliver as such, custodianship is needed to protect and hold true to the core objectives, needs and agreed scope

Project Management of digital projects requires a very particular set of skills and competencies. It is not like project management in construction or other industry sectors. Your client/employer is demanding delivery and in this pressure cooker environment, a good digital project manager is one with a blend of technical, marketing, business acumen and someone that is able to confidently operate within dynamic settings.

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