Digital Rehab in Top 25 Most Promising Agile Solutions Providers 2017

APAC CIO Outlook Agil Providers Award

In the closing days of 2016, our team was informed that Digital Rehab was selected out of 1,400 consulting firms across Asia Pacific as one of the top 25 most promising agile solution providers by APAC CIO outlook.

CIOoulook awards Digital Rehab award

Excerpt from Magazine article:

Digital Rehab employs a small team of eight people across Australia and Asia, each one of whom is a leader in their respective area. Blackman believes that his company’s success lies in the close relationship it has with its clients and in the professionalism, resourcefulness and subject matter expertise of his team.

Digital Rehab doesn’t only look at IT related projects, but manages anything transformative which could be from a strategic or a tactical standpoint in digital. The firm serves as the custodian of change. They adopt the right methodology and set an approach, which is relevant to each of their clients’ needs. Providing end-to-end solutions to its clients, Digital Rehab delivers its clients with the best possible solutions

Agile software development provides continuous feedback and support to the teams during every phase of the product development cycle. Agile practices encourage transparency and visibility—the crucial aspects of any project. Agile provides multiple opportunities to every stakeholder before, during, and after each project cycle. Agile enhances the stakeholders understanding of the product deeper and allows them to deliver higher quality product. The iterative nature of Agile methodologies encourages check at every step while enabling benefits to be realised early on in the product development cycle. The advantages such as increased speed to market, transparency, high quality, visibility, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction further encourages corporate IT’s to deploy agile software.  

Given how integral agile software development has become in successful project execution, clients must tread cautiously when selecting an Agile consultant.

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