Digital Transformation – a Macro perspective

The Centre for Investor Education (CIE) approached Digital Rehab’s principal consultant and digital expert, Alisdair Blackman to present to Superannuation Fund CEO’s on the value and importance of a holistic approach to digital.

12th June 2014, Sheraton Hotel Melbourne

Digital Marketing of Superannuation Funds

This presentation focuses on dissecting digital into core elements, all of which have some form or another some element of transformative impact on superannuation funds business.

Transformative impact of digital on traditional superannuation business functions including but not limited to IT, marketing, BI, ops, customer service/delivery etc). Increasingly there is convergence between:

  • Sales (Acquisition & Conversion)
  • Marketing (Acquisition & Retention)
  • Technology
  • Resourcing

Copy of the Presentation

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