Email automation: Pros & Cons Assessed by Digital Rehab

While it is true that marketing automation is not new, recent research points to slow and gradual adoption and usage.

Only 7% marketers say email automation is “very successful”

The latest Email Marketing Industry Census 2015 from Econsultancy/Adestra reveals that 39% of companies still rate their email marketing automation campaigns as ‘not successful’, 46% have touted ‘moderate success’ and just 7% view email automation as ‘very successful’.

For those new to marketing automation, fundamentally it relies on logic being developed around creating ‘trigger’ event(s) from which emails/sms or other actions are then triggered.

The use of automated triggers in the marketing mix is on the rise. Research has concluded that trigger-based automation is in use by less than a third of all companies and predominately used by ‘subscription or paywall publishers’.

Over the next 12-24 months, I predict a very sharp increase in the take up and adoption of marketing automation afterall, businesses are continually looking to automation to deliver timely, relevant content to their customers and key stakeholders.

In the research, it was said that 54% of those studied, identified marketing automation as an area they are not yet doing to their satisfaction. Respondents mentioned in 2015, that their focus would be around automated campaigns (29%).

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