How to transform your business into a digital business

By 2020, it is anticipated that more than 7 billion people and at least 35 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Given this, is your business primed to best capitalise on digital opportunities?

Most businesses operate in a non-digital manner and need to transform

Gartner June 2014 report into the readiness of business to truly seize on digital opportunities revealed that many businesses are way behind and will likely suffer from intensified competitive pressures to rapidly mobilise digitally.

The danger, as per the Gartner report is that many CEOs are ill equipped to know how to graft digital onto their business models.

‘Digital’ means different things to different people as illustrated in the diagram below which reports on the CEO surveyed on the meaning of ‘Digital’ in the context of their businesses.

Gartner chart showing CEO differing meanings of Digital - Digital Rehab

Is your business adequately geared to transform itself into a digital business?

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