Importance of Innovation and impact on Future of Digital

A recent leaked document reveals The New York Times strategy on the future of their digital strategy.

In summary, the document talks of the need for business to gain a better grasp of digital and the need for proper and through planning to inform the process and mode of change within their business.

Innovation is cited as critical to successful online marketing

While this strategy pertains to the New York Times business, it should be read as a beacon into the future of content, publishing, search and the role and importance of innovation.

Remarkably for the news, reporting and publishing of content, this strategy reveals just how important social media is.

The report goes further by noting that competitors like  BuzzFeed has demonstrated and proven that  “highly sharable content, aggressive social distribution, and experimental story forms” are compelling to audiences around the globe.

What I find so striking in their strategy is the bold move to priorities DIGITAL FIRST and use this as foundation for their entire business model. They have successfully abstracted themselves, assessed the landscape objectively, evaluated their competitors, formed an informed view of the future, and have devised a plan which would see them play a dominant role in their industry.

I think there is a lot for us to take stock of their approach and their vision for the future.

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