Nimble Free CRM under the microscope

Alisdair Blackman reviews Nimble CRM. Given the importance of data for marketing and sales growth, we look at a free option for businesses to consider.

Can a free CRM stack up against enterprise needs?

What is Nimble CRM?

Nimble CRM is built  on the philosophy that contact management based on a single view of the past, present, and future of relationships is what business needs. The product aggregates data across Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Google+, phone, email and any number of other systems to present it in a view that enables business to analyse and glean insights from.

Nimble Social Offering diagram in product review by Alisdair Blackman

Does the product satisfy its charge?

With data appearing in the one view, it does provide a compelling and rather unique basis for insight.

I have used Nimble and have installed it for two clients both of whom have benefited from the use of this system.

The search function in Nimble is superb. It works similar to Google in that it brings back results based on relevance, exact matches and or from tags which are conveniently ordered based on when last the user or their team accessed a customer record.

Staying on top of what your contacts say on social channels is every bit as important as reading their emails. Nimble merges all disparate data into the one view for any lead, prospect or customer.

Nimble CRM makes it easy to customise and create any channel for leads, prospects and customers to be tracked and tagged against.

Sales Automation

Nimble CRM offers seamless integration with proven sales automation tools to enable users of Nimble to accurately track all business opportunities

Understand your prospect is the key to conversion

By keeping abreast of prospects’ interests, questions, concerns, and trigger rules, it enables business to make informed decisions. By understanding leads, prospects and your customers you can better acquire, convert, service, retain and ensure advocacy.

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