Project Management in 2015

In 2015 the emphasis for project management is on fast hires, contract engagements and tangible milestone delivery (or agile project methodology). Companies are looking for people to hit the ground running and bring with them the skills and network to complete the job as fast as possible so as to produce result in the shortest amount of time and least amount of spend.


There are several factors at play, let’s explore a few of these.


There is less time in the 2015 digital world, to deliver. Projects need to be completed as quickly as possible, we need to measure the value of every dollar spent and when time means money, good project managers are planning project delivery so that tangible results can be achieved in the shortest possible time. The agile framework is being applied across the board, seeing companies build fast and “see if it fits”, before moving into the next phase or release of funds.


From a marketing point of view, there is a massive shift towards personalisation and this is changing the way we think about the opportunities in the digital space. In terms of technology and development, this contributes to the emphasis on building fast to “see if it fits”, as companies can now spend as little as a few hundred dollars to launch a marketing campaign, for example, and realise (or not) the benefits within days or weeks. This can be achieved by installing out of the box products to work with existing technology/systems and data. More than ever before, companies can leverage off the infrastructure they already have, coupled with advanced tools now available to them, to take advantage of the social networking and marketing space.


In 2015, companies are more reluctant to tie up their cash in the big, longer term development projects, when there are many shorter term and far simpler options available, which they can see tangible results. This sees them hire contract project managers with broad skills to analyse, plan, deliver and help them realise benefits quickly and effectively, without the overheads of permanent hires or expensive in-house development. This is where Digital Rehab specialises – providing businesses a solution for project delivery and business improvement.


Another factor which we can no longer escape is the cost of completing development on shore. It is no longer economical for many companies to have development work completed in Australia. In fact, many of the larger development houses have closed their doors, which has left a void in the market. This has in turn contributed to the hiring of highly skilled contract project managers with the capability to manage projects end to end, and importantly, who can call up on their network to complete the job and manage remove teams to ensure timely and quality delivery of results.

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