When Content marketing misses the mark

Content marketing relies on a balance between quality and quantity of content. If balance is not achieved, the impact of content that misses the mark can have dire consequences.

Content for content sake is one thing, good content is another

If you are trying to sell or market a product, education is important for product particulars to be trusted and then appealing to customers. Selling of product is aided by leveraging size and key clients to satisfy discerning customers.  While there are a variety of content types which can be effectively used to educate, which include:

  • articles
  • video
  • social media
  • infographics

Similarly, if selling or trying to market services, the nature of content needs to:

  1. demonstrate value of services
  2. differentiation
  3. experience

so as to build and instill trust.

Sharing is caring

The barometer of good content nowadays is the degree to which it is embraced, digested and shared.

The most viral content is video. If well thought through, delivered and presented video can be widely successful in gaining traction and appealing to massive audiences.  They do need to be authentic, fact based and compelling to work successfully.  Interestingly, of the masses of videos on YouTube, few fit this criteria of authenticity.

Videos that miss the mark can be hugely damaging.

Context is everything

Context is everything with content. You need editorial, images, videos etc that resonates with the audience’s way of thinking. 

Lack of context is one of the most common content failures. 

Strive for Content consistency & quality

Continuity, consistency and high quality is crucial to a successful content strategy. Business should strive for maintaining the highest content standards as and where possible save for outsourcing to content experts.

Again, the failure of creating good content can leave you with egg on your face and can lead to the erosion of brand equity, positioning and goodwill.

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