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CBHS Health Fund marketing restructure & new strategy

CBHS Health Fund is an exclusive private health insurance for Commonwealth Bank, BankWest and Colonial First State past and present employees. It’s exclusivity has meant it offers some of the best benefits of any health fund in Australia – in 2012 paying 92 cents in every dollar toward better benefits to its members.

For a health fund with more than 80,000 households, it has grown traditionally aligned with the recruitment and staffing across the Commonwealth Bank Group of companies. With the appointment of a new corporate strategist, decision was made to reinvigorate the marketing activities of the 60 year old fund.

Digital Rehab was appointed to overhaul the marketing function and provide assistance in the implementation of a new acquisition marketing strategy.

For the last 6 months, we have accomplished the following:

  1. Digested and understood the Board agreed strategy
  2. Assessed/evaluated marketing composition (in-house & outsource)
  3. Appraise team strengths and experience against resource estimates
  4. Tendered out what capability gaps and expertise is needed to fulfill needs and demands of marketing and provide impartial advisory on vendor selection
  5. Consult widely across the business with key stakeholders
  6. Work to help also with: procurement of vendors, budgets for 2013 & 2014, rich media explanatory video, media plan with spend of over $600k and devise a social media & content strategy