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Darrell Lea Digital Marketing & Website

Darrell Lea is one of Australia’s top brands.

Darrell Lea was a family owned and run business until due to financial stress in 2007, then sold to a private equity firm.

When it was a family business, the business was reliant on its marketing and advertising. The issue – while there was a growing appreciation for the importance of digital, the entire budget spend was focused on Point Of Sale and traditional TV and radio advertising.

Digital Rehab Owner and Principal Consultant Alisdair Blackman worked with the Head of Marketing in 2005 to integrate and embrace digital into their pre-existent offline centric media and marketing activities. This saw two releases and designs of the Darrell Lea website which back in 2005/06 received over 27,000 UVs / mth and deployed search and eDM activities.

Alisdair Blackman worked with Darrell Lea up until 2007 prior to the business being sold.