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Dulux Channel Distribution Strategy & New Website

Engaged to devise a channel distribution strategy for Dulux. This strategy involved assessing competitor channels, growth pillars and differentiators.

While Dulux is the leading brand in their respective category, they had fallen behind on innovation. So, this strategy was designed to redress this.


MyColour was born

One of several key innovations outlined and recommended in our strategy was the creation of a leading colour tool that harnessed and leverages on the fact that Dulux, above all other competitors had and still have a larger range of colour from which to choose from. This application, built in Java, enables users to create a colour palette for any project, renovation or application easily and simply.


Coinciding with the launch of MyColour, the entire Dulux site was redesigned and built. We oversaw the UI, information hierarchy, web design and development of the new site and managed all stakeholder management both internally and externally.

Within the first week of launch, this new innovative additional to the marketing arsenal of Dulux blew large holes in competitive offerings and even after 5 years since launch still is seen as one the of finest examples of marketing innovation in the industrial sector.

What this again highlights is the need and importance for business to objectively review the marketing mix, key channels and continually reassess opportunities to innovate so as to become or legitimise market leadership.

Budget was $750,000 for MyColour and the new website was $500,000. Project took just over 17 months to deliver.