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La Trobe Uni Digital Strategy, Marketing Plan & Website

La Trobe University marketing function underwent a restructure in 2007. This restructure resulted in the need for a complete marketing refresh.

Digital was the missing ingredient in university marketing

Alisdair Blackman, then Managing Director of leading digital marketing agency Blackglass, worked to create a digital marketing blueprint and tactical marketing plan designed to review, assess and make recommendations on what the university should do to better position itself digitally.

The strategy, extensive workshops took near on 4 months working onsite at the multiple campuses of Victoria’s third largest university to run and document and resulted in an over 400 page detailed blueprint and tactical plan along with recommended budgets.

Alisdair Blackman worked on the information architecture, UX design, user interface design and oversaw the build of the new website and video components. This project took near on 18 months to complete and Alisdair Blackman was the Project Director reporting into the university’s Head of Marketing and Executive Council.