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Healthcare IT: Access to Capital to fund change

Among some of the few sectors in the Australian economy which are on the up is Healthcare. It appears that revenues and profits from the Healthcare industry have continued to grow and appear to be immune, to a large extent by macroeconomic challenges facing the Australian economy.

The last 18 months have been tough for most sectors of the Australian economy. Revenue contractions, cost reduction efforts and continued “doom and gloom” media coverage has greatly impacted on the levels of and access to capital in Australia

In simple terms, people will always need medical services, devices and drugs and with an aging population, the need and reliance on the sector will only further intensify.

Given this climate, the healthcare sector is looking for new ways to improve and streamline processes. One such area that is in need of change is patient record management.

Over the past decade, eHealth has gained considerable media coverage and has become a critical element in the technical and strategic roadmap of both public and private hospitals, clinics and area services. Current software companies have products which have varying levels of suitability across the healthcare sector and the need will always be to strike a happy balance between clinician buy-in, support staff support and governance measures to enforce standardisation.

A recent National Investor Sentiment survey conducted by Wholesale Investor shows that investor appetite for healthcare sector exceeds that of the mining and energy sector. Hopefully with capital injection in small, nimble and innovative businesses, the healthcare sector will benefit from new products and services from which to draw upon further providing investors strong ROI and all the while increasing the efficiencies of the healthcare sector which plays a critical role in Australia’s social infrastructure.