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Web Portals Discussed by the Digital Experts

Web Portals Discussed

Over the last decade, portals have become mainstream and a powerful method for a business to offer customers & partners with a value-add and point of differentiation.

Portals often require substantial transformation work in order to be of value

Web Portals offer capability

Portals can be information centric, transactional, or aim to better equip users with the ability to ‘self-manage’.

Portals require two elements – technology & data. The technologies are evolving constantly and are the technology used to power portals more often than not must be custom built. Data is the other core requirement for a portal.  The nature of data is synonymous with complexity. Databases are seldom clean. Data is often hugely sensitive.

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Online portal technology has a lot of advantages. Usage of it can dramatically increase and improve efficiency and overall productivity of a business. Due to this, enterprise web portals are becoming very essential for businesses of all shapes & sizes.