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Responsive Design versus app development

Principal Consultant & Owner of Digital Rehab, Alisdair Blackman speaks to CIO’s Andrew Birmingham on responsive design.

As increasingly tech savvy users are demanding more from digital, it is becoming difficult for business and IT functions to grapple with the best mode around how best to satisfy these demands taking heed of ‘enterprise’ level architectural considerations.

Business requirements focus typically on rapid delivery of capability into customers/clients/partners and ‘first to market’ imperatives while IT requirements looks to enterprise data model, solution design, hardware, user management, security (and other) factors.

IT departments are increasingly required to deliver services out to the mobile Web, but in circumstances under which they have no control or even certainty over the types of devices being used by staff and customers to view content. In order to ensure that the user experience is not compromised by the choice of device or the form factor of the screen IT departments are increasingly turning to development approaches like responsive Web design to deliver more ubiquitous, lower cost outcomes than can be achieved with native apps across multiple mobile operating systems like iOS Android and BlackBerry.

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