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The importance of user experience (often referred to as ‘UX’) is absolutely vital to a successful website and or app. First appearances DO count and given that your website will tend to be one of the first ports of all, the same is true for your website.

The easier your landing page design and website usability, the more likely that visitors will become a customer and also more inclined to return.

The Importance of User Experience

The user experience or UX design will determine how your customers perceive your brand/product. The experience you provide them can serve to build a relationship between yourself and your customers and foster an engaged community of users. If you gear your entire interface or UX website design to your users, they will more likely become brand advocates. User experience design should be priorities and if need by website usability testing sought to validate decisions made during design process.

The key thing to ensure your design and overall experience is intuitive, responsive and user-centric. Website usability testing should be used to properly ensure experience has been best optimised.

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Website design must take heed of UX and below we have a diagram showing the key aspects that need to be factored in:

User Experience components

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