5 key learnings about content marketing

Content marketing has become an important component in the marketing mix. Content can persuade, educate and drive brand recall.

Given that it is becoming so mainstream, it makes it all the more important that content marketing is done well. Content for content sake is NOT the answer.

Globally, there is so much content being produced, promoted and read on a daily basis, marketers need to find ways for their content to cut through the clutter and noise.

Over many years of providing digital marketing services, I wish to share some key learnings which I only hope can be used to aid businesses who are looking to commence their own content marketing efforts. 

FIVE Key Lessons & Learnings about Online Content

1. Ensure you have a clear purpose and consistent tone

Before you publish your content, first you need to determine what you want to achieve. Are you wanting to bolster brand awareness, educate the market on your products or services or just better position yourself in the eyes of current and prospective clients/customers? Also, plan out what your desired results are such that you can measure the success or otherwise of your content against your objectives. Ensure your content is on the mark for if the purpose is blurred, there are considerable downside risks of poor content.

2. Take care not to over-sell

Content marketing should be subtle NOT aggressive. If you desire someone to read your content, don’t be too pushy. It’s a real turnoff. The aim should be that any reader should feel comfortable to read your material, derive a value from it and for it to be trustworthy. 

3. Know WHO your likely readers will be

Knowing your audience is of fundamental importance when you look to create an effective content marketing campaign(s). Try and give your audience value from reading your article. Sure, pepper it with contextual links and maybe even call to actions but abstract yourself while you are editing your content and ask yourself “Would I find this article of interest?” You owe it to your readers to provide useful, relevant and interesting content. If you fail to understand your audience, you run the risk of the reader not returning to your site. Remember, with increased quality content comes Google benefits

4. Initiate a conversation

Your contend should also seek to initiate a conversation so that you can illicit a response be it a comment, a rating on your article or to encourage social sharing of your content.

5. Consider your channel

Writing the content is one thing, choosing what channel to use to promote and disseminate the content is another altogether. What should guide your channel selection is your target audience. Where and on what platforms will you maximise your contents page views.  By knowing the information sources your audience already has an established relationship with, you can not only make sure you’re reaching the right people, but also add value to your own content by associating it with a name they know and trust.

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